Bi-material, tri-material and IMA, medical multi cavities.

Mould maker for multi injection solutions.

Thanks to 20 years of strong expertise and innovation in multi injection solutions, Massacrier Company owns a unique know how in the following fields : bi-material, tri-material and assembling solutions inside the mould (IMA)

Why choosing Massacrier ?

More than 300 bi-material moulds manufactured, an experienced and motivated team, high technology equipment, coupled with a test center, allow us to meet your challenges, from the conception of the part up to the acceptance of your whole process in our premises (mould and automatism devices).


The philosophy of our Company

A constant renewal of our equipment, to take advantage of the latest technologies.

A transdisciplinary team with high educational qualifications, strengthened by our in-house apprenticeship program and our ongoing internal training.

Continuous R&D, in innovation, cycle time efficiency and long lasting tools, ensuring an improved reliability of your productions.

Our environment,

Our commitment

For more than 20 years, Massacrier has been committing in the circular economy. No plastic material waste, using hot runners, reduced flows thanks to bi-material technology, a test center avoiding back and forth of the tools, no paper drawings, possible with our 4.0 workshops. All these positive data reduce our carbon footprint.

OUR ASSETS : conception, development, manufacturing of the production devices and tests in our premises : a total optimization of your projects !

Some figures about SAS Massacrier

of air-conditioned workshops
4500 h
of monthly capacity
bi and tri-material moulds operating
15 %
of the turnover reinvested in R&D and in the newest technologies


A unique methodology

Interconnection of the production means

A single CADCAM software

A transdisciplinary team

All digital


Advice : Analysis of your parts, improvement incorporation, choice of the suitable technology, the right decisions for your project


Optimization : Integration of your specifications, an ergonomic use, high performance cooling, 8 CAD CAM computer packs


Performance: High technology equipment, average age of the machines : 4 years, 6 Makino high speed machining centers, 3 Agie wire cut erosions, 3 Sodick spark erosions, 4.0 workshop


Reactivity : Test center on the spot, very quick development of the mould, 4 bi-material presses from 1000 to 4000 kilo Newton, equipped with indexing plates and robots, Dedicated space to integrate the customer’s process


Warranty : test with the customer in mass production conditions, end of arm tooling supplied or manufactured by ourselves, integrated 3D checking, possibility to start up the mould in your facility


Service : short deadlines, no disturbances for your productions, training possibility


Safety :  Diagnostic of the mould and time lasting tools

Our know-how

Our Company designs, manufactures, tests and keeps in good running order moulds of high added value. Controlling all the bi and tri-material technologies (transfer – slide cams – rotative – multi post – cube – stack moulds) and using electric servo systems for our technologies (integrated indexing plates, end of arm toolings – unscrewing modules and valve gates), we also hold our own patents for the mechanical movements of the assembled parts inside the mould : IMA

Thanks to an upstream support of your project, from the conception of your product, we can also develop and manufacture your end of arm toolings, so as to test and valid your moulds  in our test workshop, In mass production conditions. This will avoid any disturbances for your productions. Our test center includes 4 electric bi-material presses ranging from 1000 to 1500, 2000 and 4000 kilo Newton , all equipped with robots and indexing plates.

Beyond our specializations in bi and tri-material moulds, we also design and manufacture mono material multi cavity moulds for the medical industry.

Our business sectors :

Medical care
Electrical industry
Automotive industry
Household appliances
Technical parts

Why choosing bi-material technology ?

The features of the multi injection technologies are large. In every case, the result is a product with improved functions, while reducing the carbon footprint.

  • Soft touch
  • Air tight
  • Watertight
  • Spring function
  • Anti slip function
  • Protecting function
  • Light guide function
  • Aesthetic function
  • Productivity gain (IMA)


Our expertise

We have today more than 300 moulds operating. That is why we can support you with all our expertise through advices and solutions in multi injection. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, in order to benefit our know-how !

How to design your bi-material plastic parts ?

Besides the basis rules of the plastics processing science, the first step is to choose the right material. Do we need tightness between our components ? if yes, we will have to choose couples of components owning  chemical adhesion between them. If no tightness is needed, the designer will move towards materials meeting his technical requirements, while knowing that without chemical bond, it will be necessary to create “mechanical” hookings, in order to avoid a breaking of the two components.

Still regarding the choice of the material, the processing temperature together with the last injected component hardness will have to be taken into account. If these characteristics are higher than the features of the first ones, this may lead to a risk of damage for the first injected components. The hooking zones between the various materials have to be optimized, to avoid aesthetic defects. It will be therefore necessary to favour the surface tightenings.

If you have many overmoulding zones and to reduce the cost of the tool, the creation of “paths” to connect the various zones will be necessary. Their section will vary according to the materials selected.. Because of the tightness applied to the binding of the components, the air imprisonment is more important on the overmoulding zones. It will be in this case advisable to build material leakages, to optimize their venting.

We plebiscite today the rotative technology, synonymous with production reduced costs. That is why, as soon as you design a part, it is important to know whether the product can adapt to this technology or not.

What is IMA ?

IMA, meaning In Mould Assembly, allows getting g in one shot a finished part, composed of several elements, fixed or moving one to each others. Therefore, this technology makes the creation line of the product easier, while reducing the flows. Instead of several tools and special machines for one product, only one injection mould is needed.

The advantages
They are many : production efficiency, improvement of the quality, a reduced floor space with only one press, less time of maintenance and logistic, and less down-time.
The cost of the part
A big advantage, only one press necessary. But be careful : the cost of the mould and sometimes of the required special machines, may be higher. We therefore have to find the right solution, to optimize your investment.
Our speciality
As a specialist in the multi injection tools, we have been working for more than 10 years for the IMA solutions and we have since then enlarged our range of kinematics for these technologies.

An example of IMA function :
A sub-unit of 4 parts, assembled and welded in one shot

Wishing holding our ergonomic rules and combining technological and economical performance, we imposed a first requirement : manufacturing tools adapted to standard presses, without any modifications, avoiding huge investments for the customers.

The other obligations are directly linked,  the mechanical movements of the mould will be adapted, according to the design, the size of the part, but also according to the production capacity of the tool.

A finished part
A speciality
A simple production line

We propose today 3 families of IMA technology. For further information , feel free to contact us !

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